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What size water heater tank do I need?
How often does NB Power replace water heaters for customers who are renting?
What are the NB Power water heater rental rates?
My water is too hot. What should I do?
How can I make my hot water temperature more comfortable?
Can I use my water heater for things other than potable water, like in floor heating or to heat a holding tank?



Do I need to flush my water heater?
How do I flush a water heater?
How do I drain a water heater?
How do I refill a water heater?
Why is water sputtering from my faucet or pipes banging?


Water Quality

My hot water has a bad odour. What should I do?
My hot water is dirty. What should I do?
What is Legionella?


Installations & Removals

Do I need a working shut-off valve to rent a water heater from NB Power?
How do I prepare for installation or maintenance of my water heater?
What are my responsibilities when requesting a water heater removal?


Leaks and Flooding

Why is the valve on top of my rented water heater leaking? What should I do?
What should I do if I experience flooding?
What can I do if I’m in a flood zone to protect my water heater?
What do I do if my water heater starts leaking?
Does NB Power cover damages from a leaking water heater?



Should I turn down the temperature on my water heater to conserve energy?
What is standby loss or what is the standby loss of a water heater?
Should I install an insulation blanket on my water heater?


The greatest energy savings are directly related to conservation. Find more ways to improve your hot water efficiency here.




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