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Tank Sizes and Rental Rates


We have water heaters to suit every New Brunswick home and situation – giving you a water heater that is both space-efficient and cost-effective. Our Water Heater Rental Service is designed to give you peace of mind, providing you with energy-efficient water heating for a low monthly fee.

Dimensions Monthly
Rental Rate*
Designed for
60 gallons
(152.4cm x 61cm)
$11.49 up to 7 people
40 gallons
(124.5cm x 55.9cm)
$8.99 up to 4 people
22 gallons
106.7cm x 48.3cm
$8.99 small spaces


Tank Capacity 60 gallons
Dimensions 60”x24”
(152.4cm x 61cm)
Monthly Rental Rate* $11.49
Designed for up to 7 people
Tank Capacity 40 gallons
Dimensions 49”x22”
(124.5cm x 55.9cm)
Monthly Rental Rate* $ 8.99
Designed for up to 4 people
Tank Capacity 22 gallons
Dimensions 42”x19”
(106.7cm x 48.3cm)
Monthly Rental Rate* $ 8.99
Designed for for small spaces

* Before Applicable Tax

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