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Equalized Payment Plan

With our free Equalized Payment Plan, you can spread the cost of your annual electricity usage equally throughout the year.

  • Our budgeting tool includes the cost of electricity used, monthly service charges and any rental fees
  • Eliminate surprises on your bill as with predictable payments even as your power use fluctuates during the year
  • Your monthly amount is calculated using your averages from the previous year
  • If you’re a new customer, your amount will be estimated using this Residential Equalized Billing Calculator


Keeping Tabs on Your Plan

  • You can start your Equalized Payment Plan any time of the year, but we recommend starting in the summer or fall so your settlement month doesn’t fall during winter heating season
  • Keep an eye on your monthly bills for the difference between your actual use costs and what you’ve paid based on your pre-set amount
  • If you’re consistently using more electricity than your payments, you will end up having a balance to pay off in your annual settlement month
  • If you often use less electricity than your payments, you may end up with a credit amount in your annual settlement month
  • Halfway through your plan, we’ll send you a notification if you’re tracking to exceed your annual payment amount by 10% or more
  • You can increase or decrease your monthly payment amounts at any time
  • Your equalized payment plan will continue unless you cancel
  • At the end of each year, if there’s a difference between what you paid and what you used, we’ll adjust your monthly payment amount to reflect actual usage using the average for your last 12 months


Get Started

Log into your online account to create or adjust your Equalized Payment Plan or call us at 1 800 663-6272.



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