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Working around Transmission Lines


NB Power transmission corridors, or Rights-of-Way (ROWs), are essential for delivering safe, reliable power to both provincial and international customers. These ROWs allow our crews access to the transmission towers and lines for routine maintenance and emergency situations.

Power lines are designed to be safe, but electric utility lines and equipment still pose risks.

There are mandatory safety processes for working across, along or under NB Power power lines. You must contact NB Power early in your planning process to request ROW authorization before starting work in and around transmission towers and lines.

When is ROW Authorization Required?

Whether you’re building roads, planting trees, cultivating land, or maintaining sewage lines, if you’re working around a transmission power line, you need to request ROW authorization. Our team will work with you on a plan to conduct your work without putting yourself or others at risk.

It’s your responsibility to make sure work can be done safely around all international and provincial power lines.

You must request authorization from NB Power if your work involves:

  • constructing a facility across, on, along or under a transmission powerline or transmission power line right of way (ROW)
  • causing a ground disturbance within the ROW area of a transmission power line or near transmission power line structures
  • operating a vehicle or mobile equipment on or across a transmission power line, outside of the travelled portion of a highway or public road
  • changing land use for areas normally accessible only to pedestrians, snowmobiles, and personal-use all-terrain vehicles