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Electrical Wiring Permit Application

Utility Information

Is electrical utility involvement required on site?

Site Information

Permit Type
E-Tag #:
Emergency Repair
E-Tag #:

Electrical Contractor / or Sign Contractor

Electrician / or Sign Installer (on site)

Property Address

Please provide the address:

Is this for a Prefab Building?

Owner Information

Property Owner

Does property Owner Address differ from the Property Address?

Please provide the address:


Building Owner

Please provide the address:

Does the occupancy owner differ from the building owner?

Occupancy Owner

Please provide the address:


Service Information

New Service/Existing Service
Meter Mounted Device
Generator Transfer Switch Installed

Complete only for new sub-metering, branch circuits with no change to main service

Feeder/Sub Meter Quantity Volts Amps Phase

Energy Device

Will this permit apply to any of the Energy Devices indicated below? If yes, then please provide details below.
Solar PV - Maximum Rated Power
Wind - Maximum Rated Power
Hydro - Maximum Rated Power
Fossil Fuel - Maximum Rated Power
Other - Maximum Rated Power
Other - Description Text
Electrical Vehicle/Charger
Level Two - Maximum Rated Power
Level Three - Maximum Rated Power
Storage Capacity
Maximum Charge/Discharge Rate

NB Power is committed to protecting your privacy, and it safeguards personal information obtained to perform services and offer programs against unauthorized access, collection, use or disclosure in accordance with applicable privacy laws, including the NB Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act. By completing this Electrical Wiring Permit Application, the Customer and/or agent acting on their behalf gives their consent to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information by NB Power (or its representative) for the purpose of:

  • Completing work associated with the wiring permit application, which includes sharing the information with the New Brunswick department of Justice and Public Safety and contracted service providers
  • Capturing the energy device related data to assist NB Power in managing the power grid and inform current or future program offerings of NB Power

To access or correct your personal information or if you have questions about NB Power's information practices or privacy policy, please refer to Privacy Policy or contact NB Power’s Chief Privacy Officer at