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Rental and Pricing Information

What is the monthly rental service fee?

The monthly rental service fee is $25.99 as of April 1, 2024. This cost is subject to change. Prices do not include Harmonized Sales Tax.

Are there any costs other than the monthly rental service fee?

No - there are no upfront costs to the customer. The rental service includes:

  • maintenance
  • on-going customer support
  • equipment replacement in accordance with the rental agreement

Should there be any upgrades, repairs or replacement of existing customer equipment necessary for NB Power to install the GenerLink™ device and set-up service, such as a meter base or mast, these would be the responsibility of the customer and are not included in the SureConnect Service package.

Is there a minimum rental term?

Yes, there is a minimum rental term of 12 consecutive months.

What happens if I want SureConnect removed from my home?

You must contact NB Power to remove, replace or repair the SureConnect Service including the  GenerLink™ device. The GenerLink™ device and GenerLok™ cord set remain the property of NB Power.

What about my meter?

SureConnect Service including the GenerLink™ installation will extend out the utility meter by another 15 centimetres. Meters located under a metal roof eave may require protection from falling snow and ice before the GenerLink™ can be installed. Precautions are also needed to protect the meter if it is in a driveway, alley, or walkway, to prevent damage and hazards from vehicles, snow removal and pedestrians.

Who is eligible for the SureConnect Service?

  • SureConnect service is available in areas of New Brunswick serviced by NB Power.
  • Your home must have a code-compliant entrance of 200-Amp or less.
  • Your home must have a code-compliant circuit breaker electrical panel (it cannot have a fuse panel).
  • Your electric meter and home panel must be considered accessible by NB Power definition.
  • Your NB Power account must be in good standing.