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Requesting Tree Maintenance

NB Power is committed to providing safe and reliable electricity to its customers through its tree maintenance program. In addition to planned maintenance work, NB Power will trim trees for customers when a problem tree is identified.

There are two types of problem trees, those around primary lines and those around secondary lines. Secondary lines are what you will find on most residential properties.

Types of lines

Types of lines

What is a Primary line? There are three types of Primary lines. The first is primary single-phase – one bare wire at the top of the pole. The second is primary two-phase – two bare wires at the top of the pole. The third is primary three-phase – three bare wires at the top of the pole.

What is a Secondary line? It's the line going from pole to pole and appears as three twisted lines and insulated with black coating.

What is a Service loop? It’s the line that runs from the customer’s house to the pole.

Identifying problem trees on Primary lines

NB Power will trim the trees around Primary lines if:

  • Trees that are dead, dying, diseased or leaning toward the line(s.)
  • Trees that pose a safety concern (touching or in close proximity of a bare-wire primary line.)

Identifying problem trees on Secondary lines and Service loops

Tree maintenance or removal will be required around Secondary lines, Service loop or telecommunications cable/line if any trees are pushing the power line from its normal path.

Tree pushing secondary line

Making a tree maintenance request

Make a tree maintenance request

If you believe you have a problem tree on your property, as outlined in our requirements above, you can notify us using the online form, or call us at 1 800- 663-6272.

Once we receive your completed request, an NB Power representative will make a site visit within 30 business days. During this visit, our representative will inspect the area, make an assessment of the work and assign a completion time of either five, 30 or 90 working days from site visit date. We will flag trees identified for removal or pruning with ribbon.

Please note, NB Power only works on trees where there is a potential electrical safety issue or that are affecting or have the potential to affect power lines or communication lines (telephone and cable.)

If you require tree maintenance that does not meet our criteria, you may hire one of these approved contractors .