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Smart Meter Information Sessions

Information sessions give customers an opportunity to voice their questions and concerns about smart meters.

Looking to participate in an information session? View our calendar to find one near you.

Below is the presentation and a summary of Q&A from previous sessions.


Smart meters provide NB Power with information about the customer. Do customers also have access to that information?
Does NB Power share the information you collect with third parties?
Will NB Power use the information collected to implement time-of-use rates?
I've heard that a smart meter allows the government to shut off my power if it decides I am using too much. Is that correct?
Are there any long-term safety studies on radio frequency?
I am concerned because the smart meter is attached to the wall outside my daughter's bedroom, should I be concerned about radio frequency?
Is there a fee if I do not want a smart meter?
If I change my mind, can I opt-in to get a smart meter to avoid the fee?
I heard that in other jurisdictions worldwide, including other provinces, people have experienced double or tripling bills because of smart meters. Is that true?
With time of use rates, will customers have an opportunity to lower your bill by using energy during the times when the rates are lower?
What about people who can’t adjust their hours?
Why time of use rates – what is the benefit?
Does the Energy and Utilities Board automatically grant NB Power every request for an increase because NB Power says they need it?
Is the portal user-friendly? Will it be easy to view my bill electronically?
Can we test the meter every so often to make sure the communications are off?
Are smart meters the same as those used for the net metering program?
With net metering, does NB Power pay the customer for energy that's produced and put back into the grid?
What's the cost of this smart metering project? Do the benefits outweigh the costs?
Are many people going to lose their jobs?
I am concerned for people who are struggling to pay their bill in the winter months, with remote disconnects they can be shut off without any warning. Is this true?
If we have a smart meter, can you assure us that our rate per consumption (per kWh) will only change once the full deployment is complete and you've received approval from the Energy and Utilities Board to change our rate? Can you assure us that nothing will happen until this program is complete?


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