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Some online banking services have been impacted by the global Windows outage. If you are having trouble paying your bill through online banking, you can still make payments through the NB Power website. If you need support, contact one of our Customer Care Advisors at 1 800 663-6272.

Gift Cards

The NB Power gift card is the perfect way to let someone know you’re thinking of them. This convenient prepaid, reloadable, non-expiring card gives the holder a quick and simple way to pay their NB Power bill.

How do I activate or reload my NB Power Gift Card?

It can be initially activated for any value from $5-$500, and reloaded for any value from $1.00 up to a total card balance of $500.

You can purchase or reload a card at many of our payment locations using your debit card or cash.

Where can I use my NB Power Gift Card?

The NB Power Gift Card can be used at many of our payment locations. Please note that Service New Brunswick payment locations do not sell or redeem NB Power Gift Cards.

How do I use my NB Power Gift card?

Many of NB Power’s payment locations have a card reader at the register. Give your card to the customer service agent at the payment location and the amount you specify will be applied as payment on your power bill.  Any remaining balance left on the card will be identified on your payment receipt.

How do I check my remaining balance?

There are two ways to check the balance remaining on your card:

  1. Check your receipt at the payment location. Your balance will be printed each time you use your card.
  2. Check the balance online, you will need the 20-digit card number on your NB Power Gift Card.

Do NB Power Gift Cards expire?

Your NB Power’s Gift Cards never expire.

Will NB Power Gift Cards replace NB Power gift certificates?

Yes. NB Power has discontinued the sale of paper gift certificates. However, if you still have one, we will honour it.

How do I replace a lost, stolen, damaged or unreadable NB Power Gift Card?

NB Power Gift Cards are non-refundable; however, if you purchased a gift card and have the receipt, NB Power may be able to help. If your card has been lost, stolen, damaged or is no longer readable please contact NB Power immediately at 1 800 663-6272. Our customer service representatives can cancel the card and help you issue a new one. Prior to re-issuing a gift card NB Power will need to confirm whether the original gift card has been redeemed. If it has been redeemed, NB Power cannot re-issue the gift card.