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Some online banking services have been impacted by the global Windows outage. If you are having trouble paying your bill through online banking, you can still make payments through the NB Power website. If you need support, contact one of our Customer Care Advisors at 1 800 663-6272.

Payment Assistance

Payment Assistance Resources

Visit our Payment Assistance Resources section for a list of community, government and social service providers that provide assistance to New Brunswickers who are struggling financially.

We are here to help

The sooner you reach out to our Customer Care team, the more options you’ll have to manage your account. Our goal is to work with you to avoid having your service disconnected.

The most important thing is to maintain communication with us.

Below are the steps we take when working with customers experiencing financial challenges and the options available for support.

I won’t be able to pay my next bill
My bill is past due
I’ve received a late payment notice
I’ve received a notice of interruption
My power has been cut off
I’ve paid my outstanding balance and am ready to reconnect my power



NB Power is proud to deliver SaveEnergyNB Efficiency Programs that provide financial incentives and advice for all New Brunswickers helping them save on their energy costs.