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Payment Resources

For More Help

We recommend organizations such as Credit Counseling Services of Atlantic Canada/
(1 888 753 -2227).

Here are some more organizations that may be able to help if you need more help:

Government of New Brunswick's Department of Social Development

Emergency Social Services
1 833 733-7835
If after hours call toll-free 
1 800 442-9799 (inside New Brunswick)
Senior's Information Line
1 855 550-0552
(Government of New Brunswick's Department of Healthy and Inclusive Communities)


Key Conditions of Service

  • All bills are due when rendered.
  • A late payment charge of 19.56% per year (1.5% per month) with a minimum of 50 cents will be charged on any unpaid balance.
  • Service may be disconnected for non-payment after 30 days.

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