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April 1, 2024 Rate Impacts

Changes are coming regarding power rates starting April 1st following approvals by the New Brunswick Energy and Utilities Board (EUB).

The rate customers pay for power is determined by their rate class, which is subject to their electricity usage and approved by the EUB. The table below lists the total average increase for each customer class. This includes a General Rate and the remainder is related to the Variance Account Recovery charge.


Customer rate class Total average increase
Residential 13.2%
General Service 11.3%
Large Industrial 15.3%
Small Industrial 11.5%
Streetlights & Unmetered 7.7%
Wholesale 14.4%


Details of the new rates per class will be available on the Rate Schedules and Policies page starting April 1st.

This will result in a net average increase of $25.47 month for the average residential customer.

General Rate Application (GRA)

The new rate includes an interim General Rate increase. This charge could change when the EUB makes a final decision on our General Rate Application this summer. If the final approved rate is lower than the interim rate, we'll adjust your bills as required by the EUB.

For more information on our General Rate Application, click here.

Variance Account Recovery Filing

In addition to the interim General Rate, there's a change in the charges associated with the Variance Account, which will change from a credit to a charge starting on April 1, 2024. The amount of the charge varies by customer class.

For more information on our Variance Account Recovery, click here.

While New Brunswickers have paid amongst the lowest energy rates in the country, the cost of delivering power has risen significantly. For us to operate in a sustainable way and continue providing customers with safe, reliable and clean energy, we need our rates to reflect our cost of doing business.

We have a wide array of energy efficiency programs that can help our customers save energy and reduce their bills. For more information on those, visit