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Energy efficiency programs have big impact for New Brunswick homes and businesses


Fredericton, N.B. – October 6 is National Energy Efficiency Day and NB Power is marking the day by recognizing the success of New Brunswick homeowners and businesses who have saved over $224 million in lifetime energy costs through NB Power’s energy efficiency programs since they were launched in 2015.

Almost a third of all households (90,911) in New Brunswick are saving money, lowering their environmental footprint, and living more comfortably because of energy efficiency upgrades. This includes almost 2,300 low-income households who have received energy retrofits and are saving hundreds of dollars on their annual energy bills.

Since the pandemic began and more people have been spending time at home, energy efficiency and the environment have been areas of focus for New Brunswickers. The Total Home Energy Savings Program has had one of its busiest years yet with over 7,000 homeowners registering in the past six months. Program participants can now also get incentives from a recently launched federal efficiency program called Greener Homes, making this one of the most beneficial times to be completing energy upgrades.

Businesses have also used this slower time to focus on their own efficiency projects. A new Business Rebate Program which offers generous incentives for simple equipment upgrades has been busy with almost 800 businesses registering in the program since it was launched less than a year ago. 

Since 2015, 965 businesses have completed projects with the help of efficiency incentives for businesses of all sizes and types, including industrial facilities. 

Not only do program participants, themselves, benefit from efficiency programs, but the New Brunswick economy does too.  While carrying out their projects these homeowners and businesses have invested over $143 million through the purchase of supplies and equipment and hiring local contractors and consultants. 

Any home, business owner, organization or community in New Brunswick can benefit from the programs available, even if they are not NB Power customers. Information about the programs available can be found here.


“Energy efficiency is a clean and low-cost way to meet energy needs without building new sources of generation. It can improve comfort and health, lower energy bills for individuals and businesses, help boost economic investment and create jobs.” 

  • Keith Cronkhite, NB Power President and CEO

“Energy efficiency offers many benefits to businesses even beyond saving energy and money. They reduce the time spent performing maintenance on equipment or replacing things like light bulbs because efficient ones last longer. They can also create a more comfortable and safer environment for their employees and customers with better lighting and air quality.  Efficiency is really good for business.”

  • Jean Marc Landry, NB Power Chief Customer Officer

Media Contact:  Marc Belliveau, NB Power Communications,,  506 458-4203