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Recipients of 2019 Energy Efficiency Excellence Awards announced


FREDERICTON (NB) – Once again this year, organizations, individuals and communities who have demonstrated leadership and innovation in energy efficiency were celebrated with the second annual Energy Efficiency Excellence Awards. The awards ceremony was held as part of NB Power’s Energizing Efficiency Conference in Moncton.

The Energy Efficiency Excellence Awards recognize the achievements of New Brunswickers who have undertaken efficiency projects throughout the past year or who have demonstrated a long-standing commitment to furthering energy efficiency in New Brunswick. From leading-edge technologies and innovative ideas, to inspiring projects and long-term efficiency stewardship, these awards recognize the best of this province’s energy efficiency leaders in six different categories.

Energy Efficiency is a cornerstone of NB Power’s vision of sustainable energy and we are pleased to recognize the best of this province’s energy efficiency leaders and highlight the tremendous work that they are doing across the province,” said NB Power’s President and CEO, Gaëtan Thomas.

The award recipients in each category are:

  • Legacy Award: Conservation Council of New Brunswick

Recognizes an organization’s long-standing commitment and contribution to energy efficiency in New Brunswick.

  • Innovation Award: Ski Crabbe Mountain

Recognizes an exemplary energy efficiency and/or renewable energy project in New Brunswick that demonstrates innovative practices, scalable technology, green economic development and/or significant energy savings.

  • Partnership Award: MCW Maricor

Recognizes a service organization, retailer, vendor, realtor or supplier that has demonstrated leadership and best practices in helping NB Power deliver its energy efficiency programs.

  • Community Award: Tobique First Nation

Recognizes a New Brunswick community or First Nations community in New Brunswick that has demonstrated commitment to energy efficiency through growing awareness, taking action.

  • Rising Star Award: Naveco Power Inc.

Recognizes an individual (or group) less than 30 years of age who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to energy efficiency and conservation through advocacy, volunteerism, research, education or projects.

  • Education Award: EOS Eco Energy Inc.

Recognizes an educator, group of educators, class or educational institution that has developed and implemented an educational program to inspire action on energy efficiency and conservation.

More information on the award recipients is included below. More information on the awards is available online.


MEDIA CONTACT: Sheila Lagacé, communications, NB Power, (506) 458-4375 or



Energy Efficiency Excellence Award Winners’ Profiles


Legacy Award: Conservation Council of New Brunswick

For 50 years, the Conservation Council of New Brunswick has remained our province’s leading public advocate for environmental protection.

Their Climate Change and Energy Solutions Program is dedicated to building public support and fostering community involvement in lowering greenhouse gas emissions, curbing climate change and increasing efficient energy usage. In achieving the program goals, energy efficiency has been made a top initiative through demonstration projects, research, and advocacy.

Through its publications, TV episodes, conducting public meetings, consistent involvement with political processes and reporting to the public, the CCNB has kept New Brunswickers informed and engaged on energy efficiency issues.

The staff at CCNB will continue to work closely with New Brunswickers to garner broader attention for the energy efficiency industry and ultimately inspire actions that reduce energy use, and benefit our future.

“New Brunswickers know energy. And we have the can-do attitude and skills needed to build the efficient, renewable energy system almost all of us want.” - Conservation Council of New Brunswick


Innovation Award: Ski Crabbe Mountain

Crabbe Mountain found savings in the snow after implementing technology to inject a biodegradable corn by-product into water used for snowmaking. Now every unit of water pumped yields more snow, which means reduced operating hours of the snow-making pumps and air compressors.

Crabbe Mountain chose to invest in their future and their community by improving energy efficiency, reducing operating costs, reducing their carbon footprint, and improving quality of service.

The ski hill’s energy consumption has been reduced by 98 MWh per year by saving 4 million gallons of water-pumping.

Because Crabbe Mountain is saving energy during NB Power’s peak generating season, they are helping to reduce the reliance on high cost, high carbon emitting generation sources.

Thanks to these upgrades, Crabbe Mountain was able to open sooner with more terrain, and benefit from a snow product that is more resilient to unfavourable weather and temperatures.

“While energy efficiency contributes to solving a global problem, the right projects can be quite beneficial for local businesses and communities.” - Crabbe Mountain


Partnership Award: MCW Maricor

Since 1964 MCW has been providing industry-leading engineering consulting, energy management and engineering-inspired development services to the energy, power and building construction industries.

They have created a retrofit culture to make the “NEW” the best ever and the "EXISTING" the best yet.

Their organization drives innovation in the New Brunswick market and inspires collaboration and competition among the owners of buildings and industry, to be the best of the best.

Over the years, MCW has helped NB Power promote and deliver its energy efficiency programs. They have also led many of New Brunswick's most highly-recognized energy efficient projects and programs from an initial idea to a business plan – through the implementation process to the finish line – where they have been acknowledged as leaders in energy and environmental improvement.

“The journey to energy efficiency neither begins the instant we start a project, nor ends when we have finished our project. It is really never over.” - MCW Maricor


Community Award: Tobique First Nation

Tobique First Nation is striving to become a leader in energy efficiency, sustainability and green energy production – with a goal to become 100% renewable by 2050.

A 20 Megawatt hydro dam sits next to the community, already supplying renewable energy, and their newly-penned Community Energy Plan outlines a series of further actions to help meet their target.

For example, Tobique will replace a diesel generator with solar installations and contribute to renewable generation through a new 20 Megawatt wind farm in Sussex East. This project was awarded through the LORESS program for locally owned, small scale renewable energy projects.

Through their housing strategy, Tobique has prioritized efficiency in new construction and the retrofit of existing homes. This will produce a network of energy efficient homes and encourage residents to actively reduce their household consumption.

“For too long we have ignored how our footprint will impact those future generations, so planning with sustainable, efficient measures that focus on the next seven generations is imperative to a clean, green future for the entire planet.” - Chief Ross Perley, Tobique First Nation


Rising Star Award: Naveco Power Inc.

The team at Naveco Power Inc. has been working tirelessly since 2015 to provide clean energy projects to New Brunswick in the areas of wind and solar developments, and energy retrofits.

Their first official project is a commercial office energy retrofit in downtown Fredericton, which will include a new ventilation & cooling system, LED lighting, and upgraded heating and hot water. Energy consumption will decrease by 50% – equal to removing close to 37 cars from the road.

On the horizon for Naveco is the development of a 20 MW wind farm north of Bathurst – enough to power almost 9,000 homes. They are proud to say this project, Chaleur Ventus, is the first and only 100% locally owned utility-scale renewable project in the province.

“We believe that New Brunswickers have a right to clean, affordable and reliable electricity. Our investment strategy seeks to maximize both financial returns and social progress. All of our projects have a positive impact on New Brunswick’s environment by reducing CO2 emissions and developing renewable sources of energy.”- Naveco Power Inc.


Education Award: EOS Eco Energy Inc.

There are many older, drafty homes in the Memramcook-Tantramar region that can benefit from easy updates to boost efficiency and comfort.

EOS Eco Energy’s Draft-proofing work parties allow a homeowner and his or her guests to learn about sealing air leaks, and then work together to draft-proof the homeowner’s house during a free party. EOS brings tools, materials, party food and a certified energy advisor who will teach everyone about draft-proofing.

Beyond the positive impacts of saving money, emissions and energy, participants learn lifelong home improvement skills and increase their understanding of home energy efficiency.

An average of 2 tonnes of emissions are saved annually for each draft-proofing party, and drafts get reduced by 10-15% – but sometimes as much as 40%. Home heating bills can drop by up to 10% after one of these events.

“Air sealing is a key first step in energy efficiency. The cheapest energy is the energy that you don't need to use. Draft-proofing isn't costly or complicated and anyone can do it. It helps to work together, and work parties are a lot of fun!” - EOS Eco-Energy Inc.