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New stand-alone energy efficiency website launched


FREDERICTON, NB – In order to provide a better customer experience and make information about efficiency programs even more accessible, NB Power launched today a new, stand-alone energy efficiency web hub that serves as a place for all New Brunswickers to learn about ways to save energy and gain access to incentive programs that help save on their energy bills and reduce their impact on the environment.

“As we transition to a low carbon economy, energy management is more important than ever before,” said NB Power president and CEO Gaëtan Thomas. “Since 2015, NB Power has launched several new programs to help residential, commercial, and industrial customers save on their energy bills. This new website brings everything together in order to continue to spur clean economic development in the province through energy efficiency and help New Brunswickers save money, and increase their comfort while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

All New Brunswickers, no matter what type of energy they use or where they live, can take advantage of energy efficiency programs. Over the past four years, New Brunswick residents and businesses have saved over $100 million in lifetime energy costs directly related to energy efficiency which have also resulted in over $77 million of investment in the local economy.

“When it comes to helping people make decisions on how to reduce their energy consumption, it is helpful to be provided with information and resources,” said Energy and Resource Development Minister Mike Holland. “This new website from NB Power will help ensure New Brunswickers are aware that regardless of their primary heating source or energy provider, there are programs available to help reduce energy use and save money.”

The new energy efficiency web hub can be found at


About NB Power


NB Power is the primary electric utility in New Brunswick and was established in 1920. It serves over 400,000 customers with safe, reliable and efficient electricity. The utility is focused on promoting the efficient use of energy in customers’ homes and businesses by enabling and providing new, value-added energy efficient solutions in order to help reduce carbon, better integrate renewable energy and stimulate the economy.


Based on the current generation mix, NB Power is well positioned to provide its customers with electricity generated with consideration for the environment. Currently, 42 per cent of its energy is from renewable sources and 70 per cent is non-emitting when Point Lepreau is added. The utility is on track to contribute to the provincial goal of having as much as 75 per cent of the electricity used in New Brunswick coming from clean, renewable or non-emitting sources by 2020.


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