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EcoLink - Little things make a big difference


We’re building a more sustainable energy future for New Brunswick and your water heater rental is an important part of this step forward. Some new water heaters are being equipped with a communication device, the Ecolink, which helps us manage when the water in the tank is heating while at the same time helping us to ensure you have hot water when you need it.

Changing how and when we use electricity can ease demand on the power grid, allowing NB Power to better manage New Brunswick’s energy supply. Our actions can help reduce carbon emissions, maintain low and stable electricity rates and minimize our province’s environmental footprint.

As an energy provider, we’re always prepared for outages and changing power needs. We adjust our energy generation and distribution plan to meet customer demand. 

The EcoLink is a free addition to your water heater. You will enjoy hot water when you need it and have a positive impact on the future of energy in New Brunswick.


Want to inquire about an EcoLink device?

Ecolink devices are being installed in select areas of the province. Please send us your inquiry regarding the program by using the form below and a member of out team will be back in touch. 

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