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We're happy you've decided to explore our Net Metering program. Below are some simple steps to help you research and enrol in the program:

Find out more:

  1. Research net metering. Additional Resources can be found in our Net Metering Application Package.
  2. Read our Net Metering Application Package to learn about our program.
  3. Complete the online application form or complete the download the application PDF to print, sign, and mail or email it to the address provided. 
  4. Be sure to provide all the required documentation with the application.


All projects require an electrical wiring permit from a licensed electrician and must be inspected and approved by the New Brunswick Department of Public Safety, Technical Inspection Services prior to connection.*

The generator can only be turned on if:

  • The Bi-directional meter is installed.
  • You have received written approval from NB Power to turn on the generator.

For possible incentives related to the cost of installing the system, please visit our Total Home Energy Savings Program prior to any work being started.

What happens next?

Once your project has been completed and approved, NB Power will provide and install a meter that will record both the electricity delivered to you and the electricity received from your generation unit. 

*Equipment note: All electrical equipment shall bear a certification logo acceptable in the Province of New Brunswick. Any component of the installation that does not, including a wind turbine itself, may require a Special Inspection (SI) by a certification organization recognized in New Brunswick. We recommend that you contact the New Brunswick Department of Public Safety, Technical Inspection Services for further details.

Download the Net Metering Application Package.